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Scent games

A cold walk in Moors Valley Country Park with Ringwood Dogs incorporating “scent games”. This stimulates dogs both physically and mentally.  I always play lots of scent games with the dogs in my care  it help encourage focus and calms over excited dogs.  I often use this technique when training my fearful or reactive dogs. …

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running dogs

Dog walking along the Castleman Trail

A “mooching walk” along the Castleman Trail this morning.  Letting dogs be dogs and sniff all the smells and scents of the walk is very rewarding.  It’s not always about speed walking yourself around the New Forest! Take time to stop and “smell the roses”, this gives your dog the opportunity to sniff the smells …

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Dog Games to Play on a Rainy Day

There’s nothing worse than a hyper dog on a rainy day!  While it might be impossible to get your dog outside for his/her daily walk during inclement weather, there are many games you can do inside to burn off that excess energy.  The following games are not only enjoyable for you and your dog but …

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