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Fleas and ticks prevention

This season has been particularly bad for fleas and ticks, particularly in forest areas.  There are many different options out there to protect your dog and indeed yourself from ticks. A few options are topical medicines, tick collars and oral medication to protect your dog from fleas and ticks.  All these need reapplying every 8 …

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Ringwood Dogs Dog training

Dog Towels

With the great British weather you never know when you’ll be caught in a rainstorm. Getting into a car with a soaking wet dog is not fun nor is them rubbing themselves on your sofa and carpets to dry themselves! Using a microfibre towel will help dry off your dog in super quick time due …

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Anti-bacterial dog shampoo

Dog Shampoo

Another muddy walk today at Ringwood Dogs. Some dogs love the mud and rain whilst others hate it! For the dogs who love to dig in the mud, swim in stagnant ponds and roll in fox poo, a bath or hose down is a must before you let them inside your home and onto your …

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dogs with trainer

Dog Training in the pouring rain!

Dog Training in the pouring rain!  We go out in all weathers at Ringwood Dogs!  Some dogs love the rain whist others absolutely hate it.  If you have a dog that hates the rain, I always try and schedule a training session when it’s not raining – although with the British weather, that’s not always …

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dog in water

A very wet and soggy walk

A very wet and soggy walk today for a dog in the care of Ringwood Dogs.  This little Springer went into the lake clean and came out looking very different!  Dogs are cleaned and rubbed down with clean towels before they go home.  It’s important that there is a comfortable place available in your home …

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