sniffing dogs

Scent game introductions

Its been a busy day at Ringwood Dogs today. Lots of different size dogs today in different tones of cream, caramels and chocolates! Here the dogs are introducing themselves through a scent game in the garden. Scent games involve scattering treats across the grass for the dogs to scent out. This game is very relaxing …

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Ringwood Dogs Dog training

Dog Visit to see Murphy

Today I visited Murphy a lovely Weimaraner whose owners were out for the morning.  Ball games in the garden, a toilet trip and some mental games burnt off some excess energy and left him feeling relaxed and contented until his owners returned. Ringwood Dogs also offers a dog visiting service should you need it regularly …

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Cavapoochon puppy

Dog Visit to see a ten week Goldendoodle puppy

A visit for this little 10 week old Goldendoodle puppy.  She loved having the company to break up her morning and enjoyed a cuddle on my lap.  We played tug of war and fetch and I left her with a stuffed Kong so she was kept busy until her owners returned. Ringwood Dogs also offers …

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sniffing dogs

Scent games

A cold walk in Moors Valley Country Park with Ringwood Dogs incorporating “scent games”. This stimulates dogs both physically and mentally.  I always play lots of scent games with the dogs in my care  it help encourage focus and calms over excited dogs.  I often use this technique when training my fearful or reactive dogs. …

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