The Ringwood Dogs Puppy Booklet

If you have chosen your puppy and want to be fully prepared for their arrival or if you have found yourself trapped at home with a boisterous puppy and are feeling a little overwhelmed because you cannot attend a group puppy course straight away – then this exclusive booklet will be perfect for you.

There are many reasons why owners choose the Ringwood Dogs Puppy Booklet.  Some owners cannot attend group puppy classes due to their work shifts or some puppies have not completed their vaccination course yet needed to socialise with other puppies and are needing advice now.  And some owners have spent ages selecting their puppy and want the best advice on puppy proofing their home, information on how to settle the puppy once home, feeding and equipment etc.  Lastly, some owners are social-distancing for medical reasons and have decided to avoid group classes for the time being.

The Ringwood Dogs Puppy Booklet

We understand just how important it is to know you are doing the right thing for your puppy and we also understand that getting a puppy is very exciting but also rather overwhelming! It is such a critical period for your puppy and the worry about getting it wrong can be a cause of stress for you and your family.  Thousands of puppy owners have benefited from the expert puppy advice from Ringwood Dogs, so if you are wondering about what you can do with your puppy – the Ringwood Dogs Puppy Booklet will show you how to:

  • Prepare your home for your puppy’s arrival – even if they have already arrived!
  • How to bring your puppy home safely.
  • Advice on feeding, equipment and toys.
  • Surviving the first night with your puppy.
  • Stop your puppy from biting and nipping.
  • Stop your puppy from chewing illegal items.
  • Toilet train your puppy now.
  • Advice on introducing your puppy to children and resident pets.
  • Socialise your puppy the safe way.
  • Teach your puppy some essential commands – focus to name, sit, down, recall and loose leash walking.
  • Learn some great games and enrichment exercises to play with your puppy.
  • Exclusive invitation to the private Ringwood Dogs Training Club Facebook group for tips, info, training, games and exclusive offers!
  • A digital copy will be sent via email – Print it – Keep it – Refer to it.
  • An option to have a printed copy posted to you is also available.

Our Puppy Booklet is the answer to all of your questions, concerns and training needs; all in the comfort of your own home. You can learn at your own pace, pause, revisit and re-read again.  It’s the perfect way to set your puppy on the right track to becoming a well behaved member of the family and prepare them for the big wide world and group training classes should you want to join in the future.

Our Puppy Booklet has 20 pages of advice, ideas, information and easy to follow instructions to cover the first 5 months of your puppy’s life.  You will also be invited to join our exclusive Ringwood Dogs Training Club – a private community Facebook group of like-minded puppy and dog owners to get top training tips, ask questions, get exclusive offers before they are offered to the wider public and to share your videos and pictures of success.

The Ringwood Dogs Puppy Booklet is protected by copyright laws and all such rights are reserved. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, revise, perform, reproduce, publish, license, deep-link, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any information or content unless expressly authorised by Ringwood Dogs.

Frequently asked Questions

Q – Can I keep the the Ringwood Dogs Puppy Booklet forever.

A – Once you have invested in the puppy booklet it’s yours to enjoy for life.

Q – How long do I have access to the Ringwood Dogs Training Group Facebook page?

A – Once you have purchased the booklet, you are welcome to stay for as long as you like.

Q – If I purchased the Ringwood Dogs Puppy Booklet, can I still attend the group puppy socialisation course.

A – Of course, as long as your puppy is under 20 weeks old, you are more than welcome to join the group class as well and in fact will have a head start over the other owners!

Q – If I purchased the Ringwood Dogs Puppy Booklet, can I still attend the follow on dog courses.

A – Of course, if your puppy reaches 20 weeks old, then they will be welcomed to join the social adolescent group classes on Saturday mornings.

Q – How much does the Ringwood Dogs Puppy Booklet cost.

A – The booklet is priced at only £15 and includes 20 pages packed with information, advice, tips, training and games.

A – How do I pay for the course.

Q – Please contact us via the contact form below and we shall email you instructions on how to pay for your Puppy Booklet.  You shall then be emailed the Puppy Booklet or a printed and prepared copy will be posted to you.

Please fill in your details below and Isabelle Papé will get back to you.

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