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Ringwood Dogs offers a variety of training equipment for your furry companion. Whether you need Biothane Long Lines, Double Ended Training Leashes or Dog Training Whistles, we have your dog’s training at the heart of what we do.

Ringwood Dogs are stockists of the popular Biothane Long Lines, tailor made to your dog’s specifications and are pleased to offer them to customers at very competitive prices in an array of different colours from neon yellow and green to hot pink, bright blue and cherry red!  They’re waterproof, durable and feather light!

My dog doesn’t come back to me” is a common statement said by lots of owners. Don’t expect dogs to come back to you if you haven’t taught them the recall command in the first place! Owners get lulled into a false sense of security when they first let their dog or puppy off the leash. Being suddenly “free” the dog/puppy feels insecure and often stays close to their owner but as they gain confidence, they venture further and further away and this is usually the time when the owner realises the dog doesn’t come back when called!  So before you let your puppy or dog off leash, you will need to put some sort of control and management in place first and attach a biothane long line/leash to your dog’s harness to practice good recall habits when you go on your daily walk. When your dog is showing a better response to recall, you can drop the line and allow it to drag along the ground. Remember – you must teach “recall” first, before letting your dog or puppy off leash. You wouldn’t put a toddler on a bike without practicing on training wheels first – so why would you let your dog off leash without practicing on a biothane long line first!

Check out below for equipment you will find essential when training your dog.

Biothane Long Lines

Biothane Long Lines

The ultimate addition in Recall Training. Attach one of these amazing long lines to your dog’s harness to practice good recalls when you go on your daily walk. Our lines are handmade using marine grade stainless steel trigger hooks which are ideal for our seaside and sandy location. Free repairs of parts are also offered.

  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Featherlight
  • Sold in three standard lengths. Can do other lengths if required.
  • An information sheet is included.

Prices: 5M-£25.00. 7.5M-£30.00. 10M-£35.00

Dog Training Whistles

An essential addition to your Recall Training.  These are not your regular dog training whistles – these are extra loud storm whistles! Available in Gold or Silver – your dog is sure to hear these from afar.

  • Extra Loud
  • Double Barreled
  • Weather Proof

Prices: £5.00 each

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Delivery:  All orders are dispatched in the UK via Royal Mail. Delivery charges are £5.99.  For local customers, orders are available for collection from Ringwood Dogs.

Social Distancing: In line with the current government guidelines regarding Social Distancing, Ringwood Dogs has temporarily changed the way it normally works. Therefore the following procedures are now in place when receiving or delivering your order. If delivering to your house, we shall ring the doorbell and leave the delivery on the doorstep and stand at least 3m away for you to retrieve. If collecting from Ringwood Dogs, an appointment will be made and your delivery will be placed in a box 3m away from the front door for you to collect. All packages will be sprayed with a disinfectant effective against viruses.

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