Ringwood Dogs, Ashley Heath is a dog care service set up by Ringwood based dog trainer Isabelle Adams-Papé to provide dog owners in Dorset, Hampshire and the New Forest with:Dog Training, Puppy Training Classes, Dog Day Care and Home Dog Boarding.


Ringwood Dogs has had the pleasure of working with many different owners and their dogs.  Below some of them share their stories.


Name: Remy
Breed: Working Cocker x Springer
Service:  Puppy Training

We got in touch with Isabelle after a recommendation from a friend, and I have to say she was worth every penny. We really wanted to get on the front foot in terms of training our Sprocker puppy, so we decided on a 1-2-1 readiness session followed by a few 1-2-1 training sessions once we had Remy. The readiness session gave us the confidence to handle the first tricky few days and weeks and the training sessions have been a revelation – at 18 weeks Remy has a really good understanding of all the basic commands (Look at me, Sit, Down, Leave, Stay, Wait, Drop), a very good recall, and we are working towards nice loose leash walking (well as good as you can get with a Sprocker!) The investment was 100% worth it, and we are armed with the knowledge that we can now keep improving and tweaking things. To summarize, Isabelle was highly professional, an extremely knowledgeable and skilled dog trainer and, as a bonus, a delightful person. Highly recommend.

Steve & Remy

Name: Bracken
Breed: Springer Spaniel
Service:  Barking, Lunging, Fearfulness (due to deafness)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help with Bracken.  You helped me understand that he is a lovely dog but has his own worries which I needed to work with rather than feel challenged by.  Ironically it is easier with lockdown because people avoid us without knowing that they are also avoiding Bracken which has meant that I have been able to let him off the lead a lot on the Forest.  I have bought the harness and long line you recommended which I use as appropriate.  I have had great pleasure from both dogs and they seem very content living with me.  Bracken is still always on alert so it is hard to move a muscle without him coming to attention but I think that is as much a Spaniel thing as a needy thing.  Thank you.

Melanie & Bracken

Name: Henry
Breed: Cockapoo
Service:  Barking and Lunging at People

Just to say ‘Thank You’ Isabelle for the time you spent giving so much advice and practical help for Henry our rescue Cockapoo. Our scolding approach was getting us nowhere with his lunging and barking habits but you have now given us a clear way forward to help Henry, especially with the disengagement issue. We will continue with the approach you have suggested and look forward to more enjoyable walks and outings in the future. We have no hesitation in recommending your one-to-one dog training services.

Maria, Martin & Henry.

Name: Magic
Breed: Jack Russell x Pug
Service:  Barking and General Obedience

Isabelle, it’s only been three days since you came to train our Jack Russell Pug cross and already the difference is amazing. He’s always been a little ball of energy, and is usually a little rascal because of it. But now he is having a whale of a time scavenging for his food, getting used to the noisy box and even starting to learn how to play fetch – and he is so tired that he is asleep at my feet by 8pm! Can’t wait for all your suggested items to arrive from Amazon so we can truly challenge his intelligent little brain – thank you so so so much! We’re so happy!

Sarah and “Magic”

Name: Coco
Breed: Mixed Breed
Service:  Barking and General Obedience

Hi Isabelle

We are so happy that we have found you! We are excited about moving forward with Coco (as I typed that bit Coco was watching someone with a dog go past the drive entrances with just a brief low level growl!!!! 😀) . We loved how you ‘got’ Coco and our love for her and Coco is very pleased with how well she taught you to take the ball!

Yesterday our youngest came round to visit. After she had been here a couple of hours, Elizabeth said “Coco seems a lot calmer in the last 2 or 3 weeks. She’s got quieter and is listening to you more than she has done before”. She didn’t know we had seen you!  We are happy working on consolidating now, but we’ll be in touch when we want to move on further.

Thanks again

Frances, David & “Coco”

Name: Georgie
Breed: Cockapoo
Service:  Doodle Daycare

I am so glad I have found somewhere as brilliant as Ringwood Dogs.  Isabelle really is so knowledgeable with them and no ask is ever too big. I was very apprehensive about starting my Cockapoo, Georgie at doodle day care as I felt I was letting her down but my working pattern meant I needed more support.  After researching lots of local day cares, I felt Isabelle’s was exceptional and very unique to the rest.

Georgie absolutely loves it there and whenever I drop her off or she is picked up, she runs out the door and forgets who I am! Isabelle makes Georgie feel like a member of the family, so much so I’ve booked a week holiday this year where Georgie will be staying at Isabelle’s, something I never thought I’d feel confident doing! She really understands that dogs are a part of the family and how important they are, she sends photos every time of Georgie and it’s evident how happy she is there, with lots of enrichment with sense training and long walks, to cuddles!

I feel Georgie is very well cared for and feel so lucky to have met someone as brilliant as Isabelle and her lovely doodles, Poppy and Chester! I have been using Isabelle for nearly a year now and can’t imagine what I’d do without her now! She is brilliant and would thoroughly recommend her!

Beth and “Georgie”

Name: Charlie
Breed: Labrador
Reason for Seeing:  Loose Leash Walking, Mouthing

Amazing dog trainer, everything she has done so far for me and my 5 month old puppy Charlie has worked a treat and can’t wait to continue working together

Chloe and “Charlie”

Name: Bear
Breed: Pug
Reason for Seeing:  Puppy Problems

Isabelle is just fantastic! My husband has been taking Bear to her puppy training classes and she has also just visited us at home to help with toilet training. Can’t recommend her enough!!

Georgie and “Bear”

Name: Buddy
Breed: Labrador
Reason for Seeing:  Puppy Problems

Isabelle helped us with our unruly Labrador Puppy – Buddy.

After only one session the training tips she has given us have helped turn our boy from a delinquent in to a well behaved obedient dog.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Isabelle and her training methods and should we have more dogs in the future we will be sure to contact her again.

Emma and “Buddy”

Name: Mia
Breed: Labrador
Reason for Seeing:  Puppy Course

Mia attended the puppy classes. They were great fun very informative and the training was unbelievable. Mia loved the command of going round the back of you and sitting at your side. We just need to give her the command. Amazing training and a great way to meet others with puppy’s the same age. Mia still meets Oscar. Xx thank you

Sarah and “Mia”

Name: Neville
Breed: Dachshund
Reason for Seeing:  Puppy Course

We’ve just completed the four week puppy course at Ringwood Vets and would highly recommend. Each week we learnt a new skill and were given homework sheets to take away and continue the training. These have been invaluable to look back at – it’s been as much about training us, the owners, as it is about training our puppy! The sessions were a good mix of training, socialisation and games and we look forward to starting the follow-on course.

Louise and “Neville”

Name: Thor
Breed: Crossbreed
Reason for Seeing:  Boisterousness

I have a Shetland pony sized rescue puppy who needed a fair bit of rehabilitation work on nervousness and fear. Once I’d done that I realised that with his new found confidence and massive size I could really do with some help in being reminded what I needed to do and learning new ways of training and helping my now confident puppy, to still be confident but also to be respectful and not such a handful.

I got in touch with Isabelle and on our first visit she came prepared with a sheet of things we could work on (which was a godsend when she left coz I have a ridiculously bad memory!) In the following month or so the puppy (who now weighs 8 stone or thereabouts) had started re-directing his energy and excitement on to me and had started jumping up at me as well as pulling me across the road when he saw other dogs he wanted to play with. Isabelle came out again and in a short space of time identified that Thor would react very responsively to a clicker and taught me how to use it and when. It’s been a couple of weeks since then and he is slowly but surely getting the picture and the clicker has helped immeasurably (well I haven’t nearly been run over since!)

The greatest thing about Isabelle is she listens, if you are worried or insecure about your ability to train and help your dog, she will help you do that, with encouragement and sheets detailing what you need to do and how as well as actually showing you when she is with you. Whether you are an experienced dog owner or a first timer or something in between Isabelle can help and in a way that builds your confidence and makes you feel excited about what you are doing with your dog – I would and do recommend her to anyone who even thinks about needing help with their dog.

Xenia and “Thor”

Name: Coco
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Reason for Seeing:  Barking/Howling for Attention

Isabelle came to help us with Coco’s barking and howling when her harness was brought out.  We were shown how to reward her if she didn’t bark and walk away and ignore if she did.

The change in Coco has been amazing and she is much quieter and calmer when her harness is brought out and also in general.

We would not hesitate to recommend Isabelle and Coco would too if she could I am sure.  A much calmer home than before Isabelle visited.  Thank you Isabelle!

Margaret and “Coco”

Name: Odin
Breed: Groodle
Reason for Seeing:  Fear of Humans

Ah…what can I say?  All the words I have are not enough…4 weeks ago we got a gorgeous Groodle (Golden Retriever/Poodle) 10 week old pup.  He was calm and quiet…little did I know that this was due to terror…he’d not been handled at all and had basically shut down.  He was terrified.

My sister recommended Isabelle.  I really didn’t think anything would be able to help him…well… Isabelle came, helped and gave me the confidence to be able to help the gorgeous Odin…we booked another appointment 2 weeks later…Isabelle came today and the change is really noticeable…we now have brain training exercises and will keep going.  I’m so glad I didn’t give up (not that it was an option really…but you know…) patience, stubbornness (on my part), willingness to learn and change on Odin’s part (along with a very helpful 9 year old Misty Labrador girl) and we WILL get there.

Thank you Isabelle…I would shout to the rooftops if I could … but you know Odin’s still wary of sudden movements and loud noises 🙂

Brigid and “Odin”

Name: Wiggins
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Reason for Seeing:  Growling and Snapping when Putting on Lead/Collar/Harness

You are an amazing dog trainer! The difference in Wiggins’ lead/harness/collar attitude is astounding!!! I have been doing the clicker training with every meal and by Saturday lunchtime, he was just sitting there, letting me put on his collar without moving at all!

It was going so well that I tried the harness on Saturday evening and the greedy little monster just sat there gazing up at me adoringly, waiting for the next click and tasty morsel of food!

Lee did the training with last night’s meal and, again, Wiggins just sat there without flinching. We will keep going, but I can’t believe the results!
Thank you!

Andrea with “Wiggins”

Name: Puppy Vala
Breed: German Short-haired Pointer (GSP)
Reason for Seeing:  Introducing new Puppy to Older Resident Dog

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for spending time with me a few weeks ago to help us plan how to settle our German Short-haired Pointer puppy Vala in with our older Pointer Nelly. Your advice was invaluable! We followed your expert steer and now, on week 3, the two of them are getting on well. Nelly is of course telling Vala off when she gets too much but on the whole they are playing together and laying together at night in front of the TV. I am amazed we have reached this point so quickly!

Becky with “Nelly and Vala”

Spaniel – Darcey

Name:  Darcey
Breed:  Spaniel
Reason for Seeing:  Dog Day Care / In Home Dog Boarding

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Isabelle for looking after my spaniel Darcey for half a day, she was really happy and content to go with Isabelle when she picked her up from my home and she came home very content and relaxed.

I can safely say I am more than happy to leave Darcey with Isabelle over Easter while I take my other half away for his 50th.

I have found someone I can completely trust with my girlie.

Thank you.

Justine and “Darcey”

Brontë - Tamaruke Australian Labradoodle
Brontë a Tamaruke Australian Labradoodle

Name: Brontë
Breed: Labradoodle
Reason for Seeing: Puppy Training / In Home Dog Boarding

If you have a new puppy and are looking into obedience dog training, then you should contact Isabelle Adams-Papé at Ringwood Dogs.

A key part of dog training is training the owners. Issy has helped us to train our puppy to master the “8 Essential Obedience Commands”, namely: Watch Me (Reflex to Name), Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave It, Drop It, Heel (Walking to Heel) as well as my favourite: A-Side. We’ve also had help with excited puppy nipping, jumping and persistent barking.

We would highly recommend anyone considering a new puppy or dog to invest in obedience dog training with Issy. We have loved Issy’s approach and highly recommend her. Issy was our dog trainer in Hong Kong and now that she and we are UK based Brontë now boards with Issy when we are away on holiday. We love getting the regular pictures of Brontë and Issy’s dogs having fun while we are having fun too.

Peter, Susan, Lottie, Conrad and “Brontë”

Name:  Clearwater Bay School
Reason for Seeing:  Talk to Class about Dog Safety

Thank you so much for taking the time to come in and talk to the children in my class about dog safety and training. Your talk was fascinating and really helped to explain our central idea. It is very hard to keep a room full of 30 children interested and you managed to do so from the moment you began to the moment you finished.

After you left, the children also had a lot to talk about and reflect on. I have to say that your enthusiasm for your work and your love of dogs came across so well. Making our inquiries meaningful to children is such an important part of developing their understanding.

Your talk has been so helpful in making this possible.
Many Thanks.

CWBS Teacher

Name: BB
Breed:  Mixed – Rescue Dog
Reason for Seeing: Boisterousness – jumping, mouthing, chasing

It was really great to see your expertise and professionalism at work and to put everyone on the same page.

Thank you! My husband and my son were impressed and we can’t wait to learn more!
Josie with “BB”

Name: Mowgli
Breed: French Bulldog
Reason for Seeing:  Toilet Training & Howling at Night

Thanks so much for your advice. We followed your instructions and he slept through the night – 8 hours without messing in his cage and he barely grizzled – we are ecstatic (and much less tired!).

We very much wish that we had found out about you sooner – it was good to have someone to speak to who understands what is going on in his head and how we should deal with it.
Thanks again.

Catherine and “Mowgli”

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