Vet Visits Do’s and Dont’s


Taking your dog to the veterinary surgery can either be exciting or terrifying for your dog! There are some DO’s and DON’Ts when visiting the vets that you may find useful next time your dog needs to visit the surgery:

• Visit your vet frequently, so that your dog gets used to the environment.
• Phone ahead and make an appointment, so that your dog is not waiting too long in the waiting room.
• Stay relaxed and be calm around your dog.
• Bring treats, so you can reward good behaviour and reward your dog with treats at every opportunity.
• Put your dog in the car when you are paying bills or speaking with the receptionist if he/she is nervous.

• Allow your dog to wander around the surgery on an extendable lead.
• Allow your dog to approach other dogs – they may not be friendly.
• Allow your dog to approach a cat carrier or other small pets.
• Pull your dog into the surgery or down the corridor – encourage with treats instead.
• Get frustrated or angry with your dog – they are only nervous and frightened.
• Reprimand your dog – he/she will already by anxious about the visit.

It is worth noting that scared dogs may bite the vet. If this is the case with your vet, seek advice from a dog training professional to help muzzle train your dog, so that you can arrive at the vets with your dog already in a muzzle instead of the vet trying to force it on whist in the surgery.

Visiting the vets does not need to be frightening for dogs – start from a young age or the minute you get your dog and visit the surgery just to receive a treat from the receptionist without seeing the vet. Build trust and good experiences with the surgery before you need to seek treatment.

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