The Ringwood Dogs Mascot

Ringwood Dogs Mascot Chester

I want to introduce you to one of my dogs for a change – Ringwood Dogs mascot.

This is Chester – he’s my dog and the Ringwood Dogs mascot. He was refused by his owners for severe mouthing, hyperactivity, separation anxiety and general bad puppy manners. I fell in love with him and took him home. But with consistent training and a lotta love, he is now my right hand man.

Ringwood Dogs mascot. Chester is 11 years old now and I know I’ll never find another one like him. He knows when I’m having a bad day, he knows when I’m happy and he knows when I’m upset. He leans in for a hug and he sometimes just sits there and stares at me. But most of all he thinks I’m the most wonderful person that ever walked the earth – that’s what positive reinforcement training does to a dog – it makes them happy  ❤️

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