The Doodle Dawdle

The Doodle Dawdle

Things I say when on a doodle dawdle…..

* The harness has to go on every day- so why is it always a surprise to you?

* Move or he’s going to pee on your head

* You have the whole woods to wander in, so why are you under my feet.

* Stop eating that!

* Where did you find that?

* Where has Chester gone now?

* Don’t even think about rolling in that.

* You are so going to have a bath after doing that.

* Drop it – drop it – drop it – spit that out now!

* Where’s your ball.

* I don’t have another ball!

* If you don’t listen to me you’re going back on your lead.

* Leave it – leave it – leave It – DROP IT !!

* No jumping – you know the rules.

* Stop doing that to your mates.

* No barking – that’s rude.

* Sausage!!

* Sit – stay – and smile for the photo.

* This way my doodle darlings.

* Good Doodles.

Isabelle Adams-Papé IMDT
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