The Dangers of Extendable Dog Leads

Biothane Long Line

Potential Dangers for the Dog: 

Over time the cord can become frayed, in the worst case they have been known to break when put under strain. This is of course a risk with all types of dog lead but as the cord is hidden when the lead is retracted the damage is often not noticed.

Extendable dog leads rely on a locking mechanism to stop the lead from extending. If this “lock” is not engaged properly then walker loses control of the dog. The danger of this is that the dog may run into traffic.

When fully or even partially extended the cord can become a danger to the dog. It can get caught around a limb causing friction burns or even lacerations.

When attached to a collar – a dog can incur neck and/or spinal injuries. Dogs love to run and will do so until the lead extends to its full length. At this point the dog is jarred to a halt, much like a human who suffers whiplash in a car accident.

Potential Dangers to the Owner:

The cord can become tangled around a leg or finger and then pulled tight by the dog. This can cause friction burns, lacerations or in the worst case very deep cuts.

What are the Alternatives to Extendable Dog Leads:

In the first instance we would always recommend recall training so that your dog can be walked off lead where it is safe and sensible to do so.

Swap your extendable dog lead for a long Biothane line. These can be purchased in a variety of lengths and reduce many of the dangers posed by extendable dog leads.

I look forward to meeting you and working with your dogs.

Teaching Owners – Training Dogs.  Happy dog training.

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