Ten Ways to Make Dogs Happy in 2019

doodles in a row

1. Exercise your dog. Dogs need regular exercise of at least 40mins per day, so make it a New Year’s Resolution to take your dog for a walk – rain or shine.
2. Join the Ringwood Dogs Training Club. Dogs love to train and joining a club will make it enjoyable for you and for your dog.
3. Buy some new interesting toys for your dog – those old chewed up toys need throwing away and replacing with some new and interesting ones.
4. Make a regular date to walk with friends. Don’t walk alone, contact other doggie friends and make your own dog walking group.
5. Discover a brand new walking route. Instead of treading the same old route, find a new one – a beach, forest, local park or lake are all great ideas.
6. Visit your vet to give your dog a full health check to make sure there is nothing undetected that may be preventing your dog from feeling its best.
7. Book a holiday for yourself and your dog. There are lots of wonderful doggie holidays out there that you can both enjoy and if you can’t take your dog, book them in for a holiday with PetStay Dorset & Bournemouth!
8. Overhaul your dog’s diet. If it is not suiting him/her, get some advice from your local pet store or research yourself to find a diet that will suit your dog.
9. Teach your dog something different. It is not all about obedience training – you could also discover new skills like agility, trick training, clicker training, flyball and many more.
10. Appreciate your dog. Don’t just notice the bad or irritating things. Recognise that your dog has many wonderful qualities too. Time flies by and dogs have relatively short lives, so spend some time every day petting, playing, training, cuddling or just marvelling in how truly wonderful they are.

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