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As a trainer, owners often think my own dogs are perfectly trained. But my dogs aren’t “perfectly” behaved ALL of the time.

They don’t walk perfectly to heel, instead preferring to walk slightly ahead.

They jump up at me occasionally when I come home and occasionally they will jump up on people out on a walk.

They sometimes whine when I leave them behind and one of them whines for attention.

They sit by the table when I’m eating, just in case I feed them from it.

But being a dog trainer isn’t about having perfect dogs. And being a good owner means accepting your dog will have limitations because “perfectly behaved” dogs just don’t exist.

Some of the issues listed above are things I can manage if need be but sometimes I’m just not that fussed if they display them.

I like that my dogs are happy and confident. I like that they try their luck. I like that they make me laugh. I like that they make me frustrated and I also like that they sometimes look at me as if to say “you’re kidding me – I ain’t gonna do that!”.  But most of all I like that they’re not “robots” in their behaviour.

As owners, don’t worry too much about your dog being “perfectly” behaved when it comes to things you’re not that bothered about. Because that time can be spent on training the things you do need to prioritise on.

Have fun with your training, and do what works for you and your dog. If it’s not negatively affecting you, your dog , your family or others, then frankly, you’re doing just fine!

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