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Home Dog Boarding with Ringwood Dogs, Hampshire
Home Dog Boarding with Ringwood Dogs, Ashley Heath on the Hampshire and Dorset border

Before setting off on your long awaited holiday, there’s still one big question that all dog owners must consider before you leave: Who will look after your precious dog – a kennel or a home boarding facility?  Being put in a cage alone isn’t fun and dogs may become scared, nervous, and over-stimulated. This means that when they come home, they’ll be hyper, under-exercised and may have picked up a few bad habits like persistent barking. Leaving your dog in the home of a qualified dog boarder makes for a much smoother transition for your dog and will ensure that he or she remains calm and comfortable.

The difference between in home dog boarding and a kennel is that home boarding offers dogs individual attention, regular walks, trips to the forest and beach and the opportunity to socialise with other friendly dogs in the household. Home boarding can also keep up with your dog’s regular routine – including eating schedules, bathroom breaks, grooming necessities and daily exercise requirements. If your pup isn’t the easiest to handle and needs to brush up on his or her’s obedience commands, you can even opt for an in home dog boarding facility with a professional trainer!

While price is certainly a consideration, how your dog will be cared for while you’re away is paramount.  When deciding which home boarding facility is best for your dog, an  important consideration is to get a sense of how your dog and the home boarder get along. Does your dog feel comfortable with the boarder and do you like the environment your dog will be staying in while you’re away.  Keep these questions and considerations in mind when meeting with any potential home boarder:

  1. Is the home boarder’s home clean and safe? Before you leave on holiday be sure to visit the facility that you’re considering to confirm your dog will be placed in a friendly, secure home.
  2. Are there other pets in the house? If so, how many, and what types? If your dog loves to play with other dogs, consider whether this household is home to friendly dogs who will offer good company to your dogs while you’re away.  Also consider if there are any other animals, such as cats, present in the household.
  3. What’s the daily routine? If your dog needs his/her medication at a certain time of day, or likes to go on long walks in the morning, be sure that the home boarding care will be accommodating. Consider feeding, medication, toilet breaks, exercise, play/socialisation and night time routine when you ask about the schedule.
  4. Does the home boarder gather a full and detailed history of your dog. Including contact details, medical history, daily routines, exercise, feeding and information on your dog’s personality. It’s important to share as much information about your dog as possible and it’s the home boarder’s responsibility to ask for it!

[br] While home boarding can be the more expensive of the two options, many owners feel the investment is worth it for peace of mind that their dog is being cared for in exactly the same way as they would care for their dog themselves.


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Ringwood Dogs, Ashley Heath on the Dorset and Hampshire border.
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