My favourite dog walk places near Ringwood

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There are plenty of wonderful places to walk your dog in and around the Ringwood area but these are my favourite places to walk dogs who are boarding or staying at Doggie Day Care with Ringwood Dogs.

Castleman Trailway

Castleman Trailway
Ringwood Dogs, Ashley Heath on the Hampshire and Dorset border: Favourite places to walk your dog – The Castleman Trailway

The Castleman Trailway is one of Dorset’s gentlest routes for walking, cycling and horse riding. This 16.5 mile (26.5 kilometres) trailway follows much of the old Southampton to Dorchester railway line. The Trailway takes you through some of East Dorset’s stunning landscape and is an excellent, safe location for walking your dog.  There are several different routes you can take along the Trailway and I am always discovering different ones with the help of my dogs!

The New Forest

New Forest, Hampshire
Ringwood Dogs, Ashley Heath on the Hampshire and Dorset border: Favourite places to walk your dog – The New Forest

I often find myself “lost” in The New Forest – there are many miles of tracks and footpaths ideally suited to walking dogs.  Some lucky locals people can leave their car behind and walk direct from their home but there are also over 150 car parks spread through the National Park and the surrounding areas.

The best places for you and your dog will depend on the experience you want. Some prefer coastal or lakeside views; others prefer to follow a way-marked public footpath through farmland. Woodland is often a popular choice and is more sheltered from the weather, and in the middle of the National Park there are also miles of open heathland. Woodlands are also often without grazing New Forest Ponies (which may kick a boisterous dog), but do be aware that deer often hide in the woods and you should not allow your dog to chase them.  Do take some dog waste bags with you and take the waste home; some of the most popular car parks have dog waste or litter bins in which you may leave bagged dog waste.

Hengistbury Head Beach

Hengistbury Head Beach
Ringwood Dogs, Ashley Heath on the Hampshire and Dorset border: Favourite places to walk your dog – Hengistbury Head Beach

This is one of my favourite beaches to walk the dogs.  Hengistbury Head is one of the less commercialised beaches in the Bournemouth area. The beach is a mix of sand and shingle which the dogs love to run and play on.  There is also a 30 metre high crumbling cliff-face, the Hengistbury Head, which you can walk along but be careful that your dog does not fall off the edge during boisterous play!  There is a huge car park, toilets and a cafe at the start of the walk but be aware that there is no Lifeguard on this beach.

This is very much a “walking” beach and if you like a relatively unspoiled, quiet beach to walk your dogs, then this is the one.  I love this beach in either summer or winter and the dogs enjoy meeting other doggie friends as we walk the full length of the beach then double back and finish up with a cup of tea on the cliff edge.  A perfect day!


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I look forward to meeting you and working with your dogs.

Happy walking and dog training.

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Ringwood Dogs, Ashley Heath on the Dorset and Hampshire border.
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