Discovery Mats

Discover Mat
Discovery Mat
Chester enjoying the Discovery Mat

Discovery Mat

The ‘discovery mat’ is an interactive feeding and treat enrichment toy.  It is made of high quality anti fatigue rubber mats and extra soft fleece and is one of my favourite dog and puppy enrichment toys as it has so many different uses. Below are some ideas on how you can use your Discover Mat


Simply bury some of your dog’s favourite treats within the felt material and let your dog sniff, scent, scavenge, and find the treats.  However, the discovery mat is not just for hiding treats, you can also feed your dog’s entire meal in the discovery mat making it more interesting and naturally slowing them down as they forage around to find their food. This provides lots of mental and physical stimulation and will make dinner time last 10 minutes instead of 10 seconds!

Boredom Buster

Another great reason for using the discovery mat is to help prevent boredom.  Often when a dog is bored, it can lead to unwanted behaviours such as chewing, digging and whining, so introducing the snuffle mat into your daily routine will provide an excellent outlet for your dog or puppy’s boundless energy. The mat is also very useful to take on an outing – pop it under the table in the pub to keep your dog busy whilst you enjoy your lunch or take it with you when you visit friends or go on holiday with y

our dog, to keep them busy whilst you catch up with gossip!


Not just for Dogs

It’s not just for dogs – use it for your other pets too – cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, tortoises and hamsters all love the discovery mat.

The Discovery Mat is a great tool to keep in your doggie (or other pet’s) kit bag to incorporate some essential mental stimulation in their daily routine. Dogs and pets must be supervised at all times when using the mat.  It is not a toy to be left out all the time, this is an interactive toy and must be stored away safely when not in use.

Discovery Mat
Green and Yellow Discovery Mat










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