Can Your Dog Bite

It is true that it is universally recognised, that any dog, even a “good dog” can bite…

My dog Chester is wonderful, and I love and adore him. He helps kids who are scared of dogs, he’s a great teacher to puppies and lovely to all humans, big or small. But could he bite? Well of course he could if the circumstances were not favourable. The fact that he has never done it before, does not mean that he can never do it in the future.

Life experiences, personality, breeding, training, health, environment, nutrition… they all have their part to play in making Chester who he is, which has enabled him NOT to bite anyone so far.  However, he has a mouth full of teeth, so of course he could bite.

When parents and owners announce proudly that they fully trust their dog and that he or she would never bite anyone because they “wouldn’t hurt a fly” they ought to be reminded that they cannot ever be sure of that, not 100% sure – because no dog is ever bomb proof, like humans, that is impossible.

Don’t put your dog into situations that could lead them to moving beyond and above their stress threshold which may lead them to bite. Watch out for their body language and remove them if they look stressed and uncomfortable. Always actively supervise children around dogs and if that’s not possible, separate kids and dogs into separate areas in the house.  Remember it is always better to be safe than sorry…… ALWAYS 🖤

I look forward to meeting you and working with your dogs.

Teaching Owners – Training Dogs.  Happy dog training.

Isabelle Adams-Papé IMDT
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