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What is a Biothane Long Lines?  Don’t expect dogs to come back to you if you haven’t taught them the recall command in the first place. So before you let your dog off leash, you will need to put some sort of control and management in place first and attach a Waterproof Long Line to your dog’s harness to practice good recall habits when you go on your daily walk.  So what is a long line – a long line is a length of waterproof webbing that you attach to your dog or puppy’s harness to offer a point of contact between you and your dog in case they decide to ignore you when you call them back.  At first you will need to hold onto the end of the long line but as training progresses and your dog is showing a better response to recall, you can drop the line and allow it to drag along the ground – this is why your long line does not have a handle on it. This gives you the added security of being able to step on the end of the line if you need to control your dog urgently. Remember – you must teach recall first, before letting your dog off leash!

Notes to Remember

  • NEVER attach a long line to your dog’s collar – this is extremely dangerous and will cause injury if your dog hits the end of the long line during training – always attach it safely to a well fitted, escape proof harness.
  • Be careful when using your long line around other people, a dog can run around a person on a long line and easily trip them up. Be vigilant at all time.
  • Do not allow your dog to hit the end of the long line at force – this is not what it is for – you are going to be practicing recall before your dog gets into that position.
  • Check the fittings on your long line regularly to make sure they are in good working order. If you use on the beach, be aware that salt water causes rust on fittings, so remember to thoroughly rinse your long line afterwards.


There is no such thing as a “100% reliable recall” in real life – they are dogs after all and if a squirrel runs into the path of a recalling dog, I expect your perfect recall will be sabotaged by the small furry distraction!  However, it is very important that you can recall your dog away from other dogs, people, livestock, things of interest and dangerous situations and this should be 100% reliable.  Recall takes ALOT of practice and time and you will need to manage your dog on a long line whilst they are learning. Dogs will be dogs and every dog has the potential to run away but it is up to us, as responsible owners, to predict this and gain control of our dogs before you lose control of them.

Happy Recalling 😊

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