Private Puppy Training Consultations

Puppy Training
Private Puppy Training Consults

Dog and puppy trainer Isabelle Papé of Ringwood Dogs specialises in helping owners and families settle their new puppy into their home. From the moment you choose your puppy to when you walk through the front door with them in your arms, full support and training advice is on hand.

You may be a new puppy owner about to collect your brand new puppy and are feeling rather overwhelmed or you may be an experienced owner who has forgotten just what it was like to have a young puppy in your home and need some up to date advice.

We all know how important it is to socialise and train your puppy. Experiences and training during the first year of a puppy’s life can mould their future temperament and character. Taking the time to socialise and train your puppy soon after you welcome him/her into your home can result in a friendly, well-adjusted adult dog who enjoys the company of people and other dogs and can be taken anywhere. Using positive and kind training techniques based on common sense, repetition and consistency, which are rewarding for the puppy and the owner, Isabelle can help create that special bond between owner and puppy.  Puppies can be exhausting for the first few months, but remember that time spent now training your puppy will make the next 14 years much more enjoyable, so it is important you start your training journey as soon as you choose your puppy and continue after your puppy has settled in ……

Pre-Puppy Visits
Many owners like a visit before the puppy arrives to get valuable and essential advice on how to set up the home appropriately, prepare for puppy’s first night at home, discuss equipment the puppy will need, feeding and how to introduce the puppy to a resident dog, children, other pets etc. This allows owners to be fully informed and prepared for the arrival of the puppy ensuring everything goes smoothly. Pre Puppy Visits include a comprehensive 18 page Pre-Puppy Manual and an opportunity to purchase essential equipment, toys and treats in time for your puppy’s arrival.

Puppy One to One Training Consultations
Most puppies are ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age but are unable to go outside and socialise until they have had all their vaccinations. Ringwood Dogs can come and visit to help with the settling in of the new pup into your home. A puppy home visit will include the following benefits:

  • Advice regarding problems with your puppy’s routine and addressing any concerns or issues.
  • Advice on the common puppy problems – chewing, play-biting, jumping, house-training, separation anxiety, crate training and how to overcome them.
  • Answer any questions that you may have about your puppy’s training and socialisation.
  • Demonstrate and practice training exercises that will benefit you and your puppy.
  • Develop an action plan for your puppy.
  • A comprehensive 20 page Puppy Manual is included in the consultation.
  • An opportunity to purchase essential items for your puppy including puppy safe chews, 100% natural treats, KONGs, Lickimats, Discovery Mats and much more…

Puppy Packages
Our one-to-one packages are ideal for setting your puppy up for success and sculpting them into the perfect pet and a well behaved member of your family.  Ringwood Dogs will address the following areas along with teaching your puppy their very first commands in either the Starter Puppy Package or the Master Puppy Package.  Each package will cover a combination of the following tailored to the individual puppy:

Puppy Packages
Puppy Packages
  • Toilet training
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Teething & biting
  • Leaving your puppy home alone
  • Preventing jumping up & what to do when it happens
  • Preventing resource guarding & other behaviour problems
  • Greeting humans & other dogs politely
  • Handling for veterinary examinations & grooming
  • Socialisation
  • Introducing your puppy to children and existing pets
  • Diet, Equipment and Enrichment Toys
  • Focus to owner
  • Recall
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Door manners
  • Basic obedience commands

Starter Puppy Package
What’s included:

  • 3 x one hour one-to-one sessions
  • Puppy Welcome Pack (puppy manual, likimat, natural treats)
  • Common puppy problems covered – toilet training, mouthing, chewing, jumping up
  • Four basic commands covered – focus, sit, recall, loose leash walking and tricks
  • Personalised homework sheets
  • A maximum of 3 months to use all sessions

Master Puppy Package
What’s included:

  • 5 x one hour one-to-one sessions
  • Puppy Welcome Pack (puppy manual, likimat, natural treats)
  • Common puppy problems covered – toilet training, mouthing, chewing, jumping up
  • All 8 essential commands covered (and more) – focus, sit, down, leave it, drop it, stay, recall, loose leash walking and tricks.
  • Personalised homework sheets
  • A maximum of 5 months to use all sessions

For owners who cannot attend a one to one training session, we also offer the Ringwood Dogs Puppy Course Booklet for owners and puppies covering how to set up the home, common puppy problems and how to socialise your puppy should you not be able to attend a puppy course or private consultation. This Ringwood Dogs Puppy Course Booklet is packed with essential puppy information.

Social Distancing – Covid19

In line with the current government guidelines regarding Social Distancing, Ringwood Dogs has changed the way it normally works. Therefore strict Covid19 Policies and Procedures are now in place – including adhering to social distancing guidelines to maintain a 2m distance, frequent washing of hands and sterilisation of all equipment.

Isabelle gained her qualifications with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and is a fully Accredited Trainer and Full Member of the IMDT and follows their Code of Ethics which means no force or punishment is used. She is also a Full Member of the International Society of Animal Professionals (ISAP).

To make an appointment or find out more information about Ringwood Dogs Three Legged Cross on the Dorset, Hampshire and New Forest border, please visit my “Your Dog Trainer” page or email me  via the Contact Me page.

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