Ringwood Dogs - Woof Wagon

The Woof Wagon

Introducing the Ringwood Dogs Woof Wagon. It is very important when travelling with your dogs that they travel securely in your vehicle. This means by either fitting your dog with a car harness and attached to the seatbelt fitting or alternatively in a secure crate fitted in the boot of the vehicle or fixed securely …

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Drop it


If you have a dog who struggles to drop something they shouldn’t have. Read on…. When a dog gets something they shouldn’t have – it sometimes becomes a very high value item to them. This is because they love the reaction they get from their owners – the urgency it creates as they try to …

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Acknowledge the leash - running dogs

Acknowledge the Leash

Acknowledge the leash is a common issue.  During our walk today with the doodle gang I experienced a common scenario. A large boisterous friendly dog came bounding over to greet the doodles. I gathered all four doodles to the side of the walkway as he approached. He crashed with exuberance into the middle of the …

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