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Poisonous Food to Dogs

Foods Poisonous to Dogs: The Most Common Culprits! Every year, a significant number of dogs end up at the vet after eating or drinking something they shouldn’t have. Sadly, our homes are filled with foods poisonous to dogs that we need to be aware of. Unlike cats, dogs tend to not be as discriminating when […]

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Ringwood Dogs Mascot Chester

The Ringwood Dogs Mascot

I want to introduce you to one of my dogs for a change – Ringwood Dogs mascot. This is Chester – he’s my dog and the Ringwood Dogs mascot. He was refused by his owners for severe mouthing, hyperactivity, separation anxiety and general bad puppy manners. I fell in love with him and took him

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Can Your Dog Bite

It is true that it is universally recognised, that any dog, even a “good dog” can bite… My dog Chester is wonderful, and I love and adore him. He helps kids who are scared of dogs, he’s a great teacher to puppies and lovely to all humans, big or small. But could he bite? Well

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