Specialist Doodle/Poo Daycare & Doggie Daycare

Social Distancing – Covid19

In line with the current government guidelines regarding Social Distancing, Ringwood Dogs has changed the way it normally works. Therefore strict Covid19 Policies and Procedures are now in place – including a doorstep drop off and collection procedure so that social distancing can be adhered to, disinfecting the home regularly with a pet safe disinfectant, frequent washing of hands and sterilisation of all equipment.

Specialist Doodle/Poo Daycare

Day Care Dogs

**Currently Full – Waiting List Available**

Ringwood Dogs offers the Cambridge or Oxford University equivalent of doggie day care for your Doodles!  We specialise in Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Spoodles, Cockapoos, Cavapoos, Schnoodles, Shihpoos, Maltipoos and all your Poodle mixes. But other breeds are very welcome here!

Isabelle will collect your dog in the morning and bring him/her back home to spend the day with her family and dogs. Your dog will be fed and watered, exercised, trained and played with until it’s time to go home.

Due to the popularity of this service and limited spaces available, we cannot offer “half day” daycare and all daycare will be charged at the normal daily rate whatever hours you choose.

What Happens when your Doodle joins Doodle Daycare

A typical Doodle Daycare experience would look like this:

  • 9.00am-10.00am.  Collected in the secure doodle van and brought back to my home.
  • 10.30am.  A long 1.5hrs walk in the Country Park or New Forest.
  • 12.00pm.  Brunch – dogs are fed after walkies to prevent twisted gut and enhance training with treats
  • 12.30pm.  Relax – your dog has access to the house and the huge back garden at all times.
  • 3.30pm.  Afternoon walk or enrichment games in the garden to burn off that energy before going home.
  • 4.00pm-5.00pm.  Delivered back home physically and mentally relaxed to await your arrival.

(Please note I can only offer a pick up and drop off service within a 5 mile radius of Ringwood)

Photos and updates are sent of your Doodle’s adventures during the day – I find this helps ease the guilt and worry many owners experience when they leave their dog at Doodle Daycare, giving you peace of mind that everything is OK!

Can your Doodle Join the Doodle Daycare Club

To join this exclusive Doodle Daycare Club::

  • Dogs must to be fully vaccinated and up to date with worming and flea treatments.
  • Dogs need to be fully insured and micro-chipped.
  • Dogs must be well socialised and enjoy the company of other dogs and humans.
  • Dogs must be obedient, non-destructive and not suffer from separation anxiety.
  • Dogs must be toilet trained (allowances are made for young puppies under 6 months old)
  • All doodles need to attend a trial day before joining us for daycare.
  • We cannot accept un-neutered dogs over 9 mths old or bitches in season.
  • We cannot accept dogs who show aggression towards other dogs or people.

Puppies (Under 12 Months of Age)

Puppies are very welcome here for their Doodle Daycare experience once they have had their last vaccinations and are ready to mix with other dogs under the advice and guidance of their veterinarian.  Puppies benefit hugely from the routine, socialisation and doggie manners learnt from the more experienced and well trained Doodles in the daycare environment. However, fees for daycare for puppies under 12 months of age are £30 per day due to the extra time, care and training involved with integrating a puppy into the Doodle gang.  Once a doodle puppy reaches 12 months old, they will be assessed and moved onto the adult fee structure if appropriate.

So if your want your Doodle to join us for Doodle Daycare, please contact us to discuss further.

Licence and Insurance

For peace of mind, Ringwood Dogs has full public liability insurance with Pet Business Insurance (PBI) and is licensed for Home Dog Boarding and Daycare under Animal Welfare Licence No. 149373 issued by Dorset Council. It is a legal requirement that all home boarding and daycare establishments are licensed.  Please ask if your provider is licensed and insured when making your enquiries for home boarding or doggie daycare.  

All keys entrusted in my care will be coded and locked away in a secure place. At Ringwood Dogs, I take your home security very seriously. Your home and privacy will be treated with respect at all times.

To make an appointment or find out more information about Ringwood Dogs Three Legged Cross on the Dorset, Hampshire and New Forest border, please visit my “Your Dog Trainer” page or email me  via the Contact Me page.

I look forward to meeting you and working with your dogs.

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Ringwood Dogs, Three Legged Cross on the Dorset, Hampshire and New Forest border.
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