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Dog Harnesses

Ringwood Dogs often uses many different types of harnesses on the dogs they are walking or training.  Here our daycare dogs wearing the Perfect Fit Harness. Wearing a harness takes the pressure of the dog’s throat and is essential if you are walking your dog on a long line.  If your dog pulls, there are

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dog in shadows

Walking the Castleman Trailway with Ringwood Dogs

A lovely view on our walk with Ringwood Dogs along Castleman Trailway the today.  Sometimes we are the only ones here for miles around. At Ringwood Dogs, training is always incorporated in all of our walks including Recall, Stay, Loose Leash Walking and Focus.  This particular walk is popular with me because it offers lots

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running dog

Practising the “Recall” dog training command

Practising “Recall” in the New Forest. Here I’m training the dogs on a whistle.  Make sure you “condition” the whistle first, blowing the whistle and rewarding your dog with a special treat is what is meant by conditioning. I always make sure I carry lots of treats with me whenever I go out and train.

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