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Kids Around Dogs – KAD Trainer

I am delighted to announce I have been approved as a registered KAD (Kids Around Dogs) Trainer which means I specialise in safety around dogs, fear of dogs, families with special needs children, young handlers, school dogs and family dogs. As an approved KAD Trainer, I help children to understand how dogs communicate and how …

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sniffing dogs

Scent game introductions

Its been a busy day at Ringwood Dogs today. Lots of different size dogs today in different tones of cream, caramels and chocolates! Here the dogs are introducing themselves through a scent game in the garden. Scent games involve scattering treats across the grass for the dogs to scent out. This game is very relaxing …

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dog in shadows

Walking the Castleman Trailway with Ringwood Dogs

A lovely view on our walk with Ringwood Dogs along Castleman Trailway the today.  Sometimes we are the only ones here for miles around. At Ringwood Dogs, training is always incorporated in all of our walks including Recall, Stay, Loose Leash Walking and Focus.  This particular walk is popular with me because it offers lots …

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running dog

Practising the “Recall” dog training command

Practising “Recall” in the New Forest. Here I’m training the dogs on a whistle.  Make sure you “condition” the whistle first, blowing the whistle and rewarding your dog with a special treat is what is meant by conditioning. I always make sure I carry lots of treats with me whenever I go out and train. …

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Good behaviour around livestock

The “traffic jam” we encountered on our walk today was a good opportunity to teach the dogs in my care good behaviour around livestock. This involved asking the dogs to “SIT” and focus on me as the ponies walked by. It is very important to control your dogs around livestock as farmers are legally allowed …

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