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Discover Mat

Discovery Mats

Discovery Mat The ‘discovery mat’ is an interactive feeding and treat enrichment toy.  It is made of high quality anti fatigue rubber mats and extra soft fleece and is one of my favourite dog and puppy enrichment toys as it has so many different uses. Below are some ideas on how you can use your …

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Online Puppy Course - Cockapoo puppy

Online Puppy Course

Online Puppy Course If you have chosen your puppy and want to be fully prepared for their arrival or if you have found yourself trapped at home with a boisterous puppy and are feeling a little overwhelmed because you cannot attend group puppy course straight away – then this online puppy course maybe perfect for …

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Aqueos Canine Disinfectant Products

Aqueos Canine Disinfectant

Ringwood Dogs is a proud local supplier of Aqueos Canine Disinfectant Products.  We have been thinking about how we can offer an effective disinfectant solution to add another layer of safety to protect our doggies and ourselves. Ringwood Dogs has been using Aqueos in their training and boarding environments for a few years now, so …

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sleeping doodle

Separation Anxiety – Covid-19

Separation Anxiety – Caused by Covid-19 It’s safe to say that our dogs, for one are absolutely loving lock-down and self isolation. They have never had so much attention, training, exercise and company in their lives. But fast forward a few (or several) months when we all have to go back to work – imagine …

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Covid-19 Structure

Advice for owners with pets concerning COVID-19

Advice for owners with pets concerning COVID-19 It is a worrying time for all pet owners during these turbulent and unsettling times. There is currently no evidence of dogs, cats or other pets in the UK catching Coronavirus and there is nothing to suggest that pets can pass the virus on to humans. However, it …

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dog training class.

What to look for when booking a Dog Trainer

What to look for when booking a Dog Trainer for your dog. When you decide you want help with your dog’s behaviour, it is important to hire a Fully Accredited and Qualified Dog Trainer. A quick look on Google reveals there are many trainers out there to choose from which is overwhelming and confusing to …

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