Let Them Sniff

Let them sniff. Scattering treats for your dog to find offers the following benefits: 🐶 it works their brain and nose. 🐶 it lowers cortisone levels. 🐶 it’s calming after excited play. 🐶 it helps keep their focus. 🐶 it adds interest to their walk. 🐶 it’s a great way to feed their food. 🐶 …

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Moving House

Moving House

We all love our dogs and care for them so they are happy and well looked after, but when moving home it can be a stressful time for your dog.  Here are 10 tips in making it a stress-free time for our pooches. Visit before: If possible, with the owners or the building company try …

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Rory the School Dog

Rory the School Dog

This is Rory. He has a very important job. He is the School Dog of a large and bustling school. He helps in many situations from calming a frustrated student to offering a friendly face whilst walking through the corridors. I have had the absolute privilege of being welcomed into the school to help train …

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Ringwood Dogs - Woof Wagon

The Woof Wagon

Introducing the Ringwood Dogs Woof Wagon. It is very important when travelling with your dogs that they travel securely in your vehicle. This means by either fitting your dog with a car harness and attached to the seatbelt fitting or alternatively in a secure crate fitted in the boot of the vehicle or fixed securely …

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