Ringwood Dogs, Ashley Heath is a dog care service set up by Ringwood based dog trainer Isabelle Adams-Papé to provide dog owners in Hampshire and Dorset and the surrounding area to Ringwood, with: Dog and Puppy Obedience Training, Dog Walking, Dog Day Care and Home Dog Boarding.

Name: Wiggins
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Reason for Seeing:  Growling and Snapping when Putting on Lead/Collar/Harness

You are an amazing dog trainer! The difference in Wiggins’ lead/harness/collar attitude is astounding!!! I have been doing the clicker training with every meal and by Saturday lunchtime, he was just sitting there, letting me put on his collar without moving at all!

It was going so well that I tried the harness on Saturday evening and the greedy little monster just sat there gazing up at me adoringly, waiting for the next click and tasty morsel of food!

Lee did the training with last night’s meal and, again, Wiggins just sat there without flinching. We will keep going, but I can’t believe the results!
Thank you!
Andrea with “Wiggins”

Name: Puppy Vala
Breed: German Short-haired Pointer (GSP)
Reason for Seeing:  Introducing new Puppy to Older Resident Dog

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for spending time with me a few weeks ago to help us plan how to settle our German Short-haired Pointer puppy Vala in with our older Pointer Nelly. Your advice was invaluable! We followed your expert steer and now, on week 3, the two of them are getting on well. Nelly is of course telling Vala off when she gets too much but on the whole they are playing together and laying together at night in front of the TV. I am amazed we have reached this point so quickly!

Becky with “Nelly and Vala”

Spaniel - Darcey

Spaniel – Darcey

Name:  Darcey
Breed:  Spaniel
Reason for Seeing:  Dog Day Care / In Home Dog Boarding

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Isabelle for looking after my spaniel Darcey for half a day, she was really happy and content to go with Isabelle when she picked her up from my home and she came home very content and relaxed.

I can safely say I am more than happy to leave Darcey with Isabelle over Easter while I take my other half away for his 50th.

I have found someone I can completely trust with my girlie.

Thank you.
Justine and “Darcey”

Name: Brontë
Breed: Labradoodle
Reason for Seeing: Puppy Training / In Home Dog Boarding

If you have a new puppy and are looking into obedience dog training, then you should contact Isabelle Adams-Papé at Ringwood Dogs.

A key part of dog training is training the owners. Issy has helped us to train our puppy to master the “8 Essential Obedience Commands”, namely: Watch Me (Reflex to Name), Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave It, Drop It, Heel (Walking to Heel) as well as my favourite: A-Side. We’ve also had help with excited puppy nipping, jumping and persistent barking.

We would highly recommend anyone considering a new puppy or dog to invest in obedience dog training with Issy. We have loved Issy’s approach and highly recommend her. Issy was our dog trainer in Hong Kong and now that she and we are UK based Brontë now boards with Issy when we are away on holiday. We love getting the regular pictures of Brontë and Issy’s dogs having fun while we are having fun too.
Peter, Susan, Lottie, Conrad and “Brontë”

Name:  Clearwater Bay School
Reason for Seeing:  Talk to Class about Dog Safety

Thank you so much for taking the time to come in and talk to the children in my class about dog safety and training. Your talk was fascinating and really helped to explain our central idea. It is very hard to keep a room full of 30 children interested and you managed to do so from the moment you began to the moment you finished.

After you left, the children also had a lot to talk about and reflect on. I have to say that your enthusiasm for your work and your love of dogs came across so well. Making our inquiries meaningful to children is such an important part of developing their understanding.

Your talk has been so helpful in making this possible.
Many Thanks.
CWBS Teacher

Name: BB
Breed:  Mixed – Rescue Dog
Reason for Seeing: Boisterousness – jumping, mouthing, chasing

It was really great to see your expertise and professionalism at work and to put everyone on the same page.

Thank you! My husband and my son were impressed and we can’t wait to learn more!
Josie with “BB”

Name: Mowgli
Breed: French Bulldog
Reason for Seeing:  Toilet Training & Howling at Night

Thanks so much for your advice. We followed your instructions and he slept through the night – 8 hours without messing in his cage and he barely grizzled – we are ecstatic (and much less tired!).

We very much wish that we had found out about you sooner – it was good to have someone to speak to who understands what is going on in his head and how we should deal with it.
Thanks again.
Catherine and “Mowgli”