Isabelle Adams-Papé - Dog trainer and Puppy trainer - Ashley Heath, Ringwood, Hampshire

Isabelle Adams-Papé
Ringwood Dogs, Dorset provides: Dog and Puppy Obedience Training, Dog Walking, Dog Day Care and Home Dog Boarding

Ringwood Dogs – Ashley Heath, Ringwood, on the Hampshire & Dorset border provides: Dog and Puppy Obedience Training, Dog Walking, Dog Day Care and Home Dog Boarding.

Isabelle is passionate about training dogs to be well behaved members of the family and teaching owners to better communicate with their canine companions so that behavioural problems do not get out of control.

Isabelle gained her qualifications with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and is a fully Accredited Trainer and Full Member of the IMDT.  She is also a Full Member of the International Society of Animal Professionals (ISAP) and achieved an OCN Level III Accreditation “Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour” and is also completing a Higher Diploma in “Canine Behaviour and Psychology” out of personal interest.  Isabelle is also Dog First Aid and Emergency Canine Care trained.  She continues to attend regular workshops to further her knowledge and expertise.

Ringwood Dogs was formed when Isabelle returned to the UK in 2014 after living in Hong Kong for 20 years.  In Hong Hong, Isabelle ran a successful dog training business called 121 Dog Training where she worked closely with a number of Hong Kong vets, offering Puppy Obedience Courses and solving dog training problems through their referrals. She gave regular talks to local schools, teaching children how to be safe and confident  around dogs and wrote articles for pet magazines about dog training.

She continues to write articles, works closely with local vets and volunteers for The Cinnamon Trust, helping to keep the elderly or the terminally ill and their beloved dogs together by making home visits and visiting their dogs.

Ringwood Dogs was set up to provide dog owners in Hampshire and Dorset and the surrounding areas of Ringwood with a one-to-one personal service for the care and training of their dogs.  In addition to Dog and Puppy Obedience Training, Isabelle also offers Dog Walking, Dog Day Care and Home Dog Boarding to her services ensuring obedience, exercise, companionship and socialisation are all part of your dog’s experience with Ringwood Dogs.

Isabelle has been involved with dogs for most of her life, from rescuing stray puppies as a child to training her own two dogs in agility as a teenager. She also found herself training her friend’s dogs too, helping them to train their dogs to be better behaved. After a career as a Personal Fitness Trainer, Isabelle decided to follow her passion for dog training and swap her human clients for dog clients!

Isabelle only uses “Positive Reinforcement” techniques when training, walking and boarding your dogs. She follows the Code of Ethics from IMDT which means no force or punishment is ever used.

Ringwood Dogs has full public liability insurance and is licensed with East Dorset District Council.

To make an appointment or find out more information about Ringwood Dogs, Dorset please contact Isabelle Adams-Papé by clicking on the Contact Me tab.

Thank you for choosing Ringwood Dogs – Isabelle looks forward to meeting you and working with your canine companions.

Isabelle Adams-Papé IMDT
Ringwood Dogs, Dorset.
Dog Training, Dog Walking, Dog Day Care, Home Dog Boarding

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